Minor in Microbiology

An Undergraduate Minor in Microbiology

The Minor shall constitute 15 credit hours in Microbiology starting with Microbiology 351.

Students entering these courses, shall have completed the prerequisites indicated in the University Catalog just as our Majors do. All persons taking our courses are treated in the same manner.

Student who enter the Minor shall complete all prerequisites for the courses. Specifically, no student may enter Microbiology 351 without prior passing of Chemistry 272 and 272L or their non UHM equivalents.

Following Microbiology 351, students may chose from among the 400-level courses offered by the Department to meet the required 15 credits. Thus, to within limits students may choose an areas of specialization. At least one Microbiology 4xxL laboratory course must be part of the minor. All course prerequisites must be met.

Students wishing to complete the Minor ought to have completed Chemistry 272 at the very latest by the middle of their Junior year, preferably earlier. However, such a late date will limit the choices of courses which can be completed by the end of the 8th semester.

If you have questions, talk to a Microbiology advisor. To declare a Microbiology minor, fill-out the Verification of Academic Minor form and have an Microbiology advisor and an advisor from your Major Department sign it.

Minor in Microbiology Requirements

Successful completion (C grade or better) of at least 15 credits in Microbiology including:

5Micr 351
3Micr 4xx
2Micr 4xxL
5Other Micr 400-level courses